Marzotto Torrefazione

Marzotto Torrefazione is a well-known company located in the surrounding area of Vicenza. Established in the post-war period, it immediately stood out for its historical and prestigious brand: Portorico.

In the initial phase, the company specialized in coffee roasting, but then it added barley trade to its core business. Over the years it has become a solid industrial reference for all of its customers, providing selected products of high and standardized quality.

Nowadays Marzotto Torrefazione’s products are well known worldwide, mainly because of their high quality and their competitive price.
The company offers both traditional products, such as barley, coffee beans and coffee powder, and a broad range of instant, freeze-dried and agglomerated products.

Furthermore, the company is authorised to produce organic coffee and barley.
The productive process starts from growing barley or directly importing coffee. Following various production phases, raw materials are transformed into a finished product, ready to be packed and distributed in the market.

Besides producing coffee and barley for other firms or providing customized brands, Marzotto Torrefazione also has its own brands, which are specifically targeted to the retailing and distribution industry.